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Founded in January 2020 by farmer Clara Coleman, Real Farmer Care’s founding mission is to support farmers' self-care needs and allocate donated funds directly to farmers.


Self-care activities are inexpensive, but rarely prioritized. Farmer self-care looks like treating themselves to a delicious dinner at one of the restaurants where they supply local products, a deep tissue massage for their overworked muscles, a family fun day outing, a date night with their partner while their kids have a babysitter, or even a new pair of boot insoles for their tired feet.


We recognize that BIPOC farmers (Black, Indigenous, People Of Color) are disproportionately impacted in access to land, education and capital by systemic racism. On top of all of the common challenges that exist in farming, this means that BIPOC growers face substantial additional hurdles that impact their everyday wellness and livelihood. Therefore, making space to center and prioritize their needs in the Real Farmer Care project is paramount. Through 2023, fifty percent of the 239 Real Farmer Care grant recipients have been BIPOC and LGBTQ+ farmers.

Please support Real Farmer Care with a donation today. The more we care for our farmers, the more successful they can be at caring for themselves, our communities, and the land.

Real Farmer Care is fiscally sponsored by American Farmland Trust, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. 

To learn more and meet farmer recipients, visit and follow on Instagram. 


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